Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I thought this was going to be a productive day.  Why do I expect every day to be productive?  Well, why shouldn't I?  My frustration stems from wanting to get a painting project finished.  I wanted to paint the area leading downstairs.  I could manage the bottom portion but not the upper.

I considered it but remembered I'm not as good as I once was.  I asked around about a reasonable professional painter with the proper ladder to do high places in stairways.  I called him 10 days ago and it took him six days to look at the job with the start day 3 days later.  Now, his kids have the flu and so does he.  Nothing will happen until next week...maybe.

Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Woman Pulling Out Her Hair
I know he can't help it but my frustration is that I can't do this job myself.   

The turkeys are getting bolder.  Not only are they in the back yard everyday but now they have ventured in the front yard, too.  This is what I saw in the driveway when I came home from the gym this morning.

This is practically at my front door.  Yes, that is fresh snow and it's coming down pretty good this afternoon.  A fresh coating is needed to cover all the Minnie poops.

Two more sister bears are finished.

 The red and black was from a tank top and there wasn't enough material to do the entire bear.  I had to borrow from another garment. 

  This was made from her white sweater and the "dress" is from a pink camisole.  The outfit was ordered by her 9 year old granddaughter.  She was very specific about what she wanted and how she wanted it.

It's still snowing big white flakes so I guess I won't venture down the road too far as planned.  I'll make some tea and go to the sewing room and see what I can accomplish.  Hope your frustrations are minimal.