Monday, December 23, 2013

Minnie's Christmas

Minnie has been celebrating Christmas with me for the last couple of days with rides and wrapping paper.  Today I decided to give her presents from Santa as the next couple of days will be a quiet time for her while I'm out and about.

She got excited when  the red bow  came out but when I showed her the Duck Dynasty toy, it scared her.

It's a talking toy and I think what Robertson said was offensive to her.  (I didn't buy this, by the way.)  She's one smart Doxy.

Then she got her favorite toy.  Something soft that she can gut.


I've done my job.  Now, for a nap with my ner-ner.




Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Bears

Finished five bears and sent them off to Michigan in time for Christmas.

These two were made from a curly lamb coat.
The bow ties were made out of a masculine hanky
(you can't see the stripes) and the buttons were
from the coat.

Black bears don't photograph very well, sorry.  
These were made from an unidentified fur coat.
The critter was large because the hide was somewhat
thick and the skins of the coat were large.  The aprons on
these bears were made from the pockets of
the white church apron that was sent along.

This is made from mink.  The lace collar and
ear lace is from the wedding dress of the

With bear orders complete I can now focus on Christmas card making and quilty projects.  

It's snowing in Minnesota so I'm just going to