About My Memory Bears

Memory bears can be made from fur coats, flannel shirts, golf shirts, pajamas, robes or sweaters.  Even baby blankets or worn quilts.  Hold your loved one again in the form of a teddy bear made from their clothing

Bears are 12" or 15" depending on the availability of usable fabric or fur.  In the case of fur coats, a jacket will yield two 12" bears.  A cape will generally only yield one bear depending how large the cape is.  Remember that capes have no sleeves so there is less fur to work with.  A full length coat will yield three 15" bears and possibly a 12" bear.  Arms, legs and head are jointed using hardwood discs and 1/4" bolts and lock nuts.  Fur bears are lined with muslin to reinforce the pelt.  Bears made from clothing are lined with fusible interfacing for durability.  I use brown or black plastic animal eyes and the noses are embroidered.

I generally use the linings of the fur coats for the paw pads.  Many fur coats were custom made for the owners with beautiful linings.  Many times the name or initials of the owners were applied to the linings and I try to integrate the name or initials in some way in constructing the bear.

Remember that these bears are to be considered keepsakes in memory of your loved one and are not intended to be play toys.  I very much enjoy making these bears knowing that they will bring enjoyment and warm memories of your loved one in years to come and, hopefully, generations to come.

Another option for a memory bear is using a man's tie.  When my partner passed away, I saved the ties that he wore more often than others and constructed a 9" bear.  There was not enough fabric to construct the head so I used a fleece material.  The ties would have to be wide in order to have enough fabric for the body of the bear.  I call these little bears "The Tie That Binds" and they make a very special keepsake.  However, they are just as labor intensive as the larger bears so price-wise, the cost is the same as for a 12" or 15" bear.

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