Saturday, September 24, 2011

Welcome to my blog.  This is new to me but I hope you'll "bear" with me as I learn the ins and outs of blogging. 

I first started making teddy bears in 1995 after my husband Joe passed away.  I took a store-bought bear and dressed him up with Joe's cap, glasses, a scaled-down version of his jeans and t-shirt and a mustache.

Joe lived in Texas for awhile and always had a special place in his heart for the state.  One day a lady came into the library with her mink coat and asked me if I would like it to make bears out of.  Never having worked with real fur I was a little apprehensive but I viewed it as a challenge and took her coat.  I "butchered" that poor thing and came up with two bears, one of which I gave to her.  She was delighted and soon I was getting more fur coats and jackets than I knew what to do with.  To make a long story short, I make teddy bears from vintage furs and garments from a loved one who has passed away. 

 This guy was made from a young man's army uniform.  He served in Afghanistan.

I also love to quilt as you can see by just some of the quilts I put out on my clothes line to air out.

I'll be sharing more in the weeks and months to come.  Please stop back from time to time and watch my blogging skills improve.  LOL

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I think all that I see on here is awesome. Isnt bear making fun... I havent been into the bears much lately due to taking care of my mother for the past year after she broke her hip... and now I hope to get started back this winter. I still make stuff to sale at work when I can. keep up the good work and the blogging will come naturally to you. thank you for your input and great hearing from you, from
Thanks, Tina Phillips McClaskey