Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Morning Bark

I'm going to rant..I spent over an hour doing a new post last night with the intention of putting it "live" this morning.  Well, sadly, none of my posts are visible in the design.  Where did everything go?  I have a sneaking hunch my computer needs a tune up and I really hate the thought.  I don't have the patience any longer to deal with techno crap.  Nor, do I even want to think about it.  It makes me crazy.

Okay...I will briefly touch on what I posted about last night and hope that both posts don't show up at once.

Tuesday I went with my friend Tammy to a yarn shop in Mankato.  She needed a new project and I needed to visit this shop.  I haven't been in a real yarn shop for donkey years and I was in awe.  More like in love.  We visited Mary Lue's Yarn & Ewe and what a beautiful shop.   Naturally, I had to buy a skein of sock yarn.

 This yarn says it was made in Turkey and I believe it is 50% Merino wool, 25% bamboo and 25% of something else.  Nothing was in English.  Wait, does bamboo grow in Turkey?  The only thing I understood about it, besides the beautiful pattern it creates when it's worked up (check out the picture on the label), was the $16.00 price tag.  Ouch!  I'm afraid I could get the knitting bug again.  I will have to wait with the sock project until later because there are other irons in the fire.

The owner of the Blue Beast gave me a few more projects to finish including this top.  She just wants it tied so it won't take long.

 She also wants a couple of pillow shams and doll quilts made out of left over blocks from the Blue Beast.  Speaking of doll quilts, I finished the June quilt for my partner in the Doll Quilters Monthly.It will be on its way to Sweden in a few days.   I would love to show it to you but it will spoil the surprise.  I'll post about it once I know Lizzie received it.  (If the computer is still working, that is.)

The garden is looking beautiful.  I've never seen it look this good.  Look at this zucchini.

It about takes my breath away.  If I get a zucchini from each of those blossoms, I'll be a happy woman.  Usually, the first one or two don't pan out but this looks pretty promising.  And, while I'm on the subject of blossoms, Barbara over at Cat Patches found  an interesting recipe for chive vinegar from Marisa at Food In Jars.  Click on the recipe tab and put "chive blossom vinegar" in the search tab.  It's really simple.   I prepared the mixture and put it away for two weeks as instructed. 

Isn't this pretty?  No. 38 almost threw this out thinking it was something that turned bad.  I tested it on my salad and it's actually pretty darn good. I strained the mixture and  mixed  one cup  with olive oil, Italian seasoning and some fresh basil. It's similar to balsamic vinaigrette.  Very tasty.  The chives are done blossoming but consider this for next year.  I think this batch should last me until then.

Saturday I'm off to the Minnesota Quilt Show in Rochester.  Our guild is taking a bus so it will be a fun trip.  I have my list and camera ready to go.  I will share all the wonderful quilts and new goodies..hopefully.  Until then, have a good day.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Fun post. Sorry about all the technical crap - that's no fun. I don't knit but I do love to go to yarn shops to see the colors and feel the yarn. Sounds weird but it is a different kind of textural enjoyment.

The chive vinegar sounds good - might have to try that.


Barbara said...

I am envious of your garden. Mine is doing absolutely nothing three weeks after planting it. I had one zucchini sprout when I left for Ireland. Even it is gone, although I did notice one of the seeds sitting on top of the soil. This makes three years in a row that I've planted a big garden to yield no harvest. Drat. Three strikes and you're out. This is my last garden, such as it is. You know it's bad when you can't grow zucchini. Weeds do well, however! I guess greenhouse gardening it is.