Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You'll Get a Kick Out of This

I  saw this book in the AQS catalog and I had to have it.
 I saw some canvas shoes decorated with quilt blocks somewhere on the web and they could be ordered for about $60.  That was a bit more than I was willing to spend just for some canvas slip ons.  Then, this book caught my eye.

It came in the mail a couple of days ago and last night I gathered an old pair of canvas slip-ons (freshly washed) and all the fabric paints I've had laying around for eons and went to work.

Here are the old canvas shoes I decided to decorate.
 The directions suggested stuffing something inside the shoe to give it more stability when you're drawing the pattern and applying the paint.  I ended up taking it out as it got in the way.  First, I drew a pattern on the shoe lightly with a pencil.  You want to do it very lightly because the marks may show through the paint.
 You can tell these shoes are old.  They're kind of dingie.  For paint I tried the embroidery paints I had but they were too difficult to use since I had to press down on the tip of the paint tube to get the paint out.  Then, I had a bunch of Squibbles and I used them along with a couple of Sharpee Markers.  So, what do you think?
 Aren't these a hoot?
 I'm going to wear these to the Minnesota Quilt Show and see if anyone notices.LOL.  

The book has wonderful designs and instructions for rubber and vinyl shoes as well as leather and manmade leather.  I'm going to check out the thrift stores for some possible footwear to decorate.  

You can order the book through  AQS.
If you're a member, you'll get a 20% discount.  

I'm off to dig through my closet to look for more shoes.


Wilma NC said...

Love them!!

Sandy S said...

You are SO talented!! Love them!!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Those are so fun! :)


quilter000 said...

these are really different and so lively should put a dance in your step! I like em

quilter000 said...

those are so cute may have to try it myself