Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bearing Up

When my sister passed away last December, I told her children that I would make teddy bears for anyone who wants them out of her clothing.  The children just got to the closets about a month ago and I was presented with this by my brother-in-law.

 There are 12 bags and a few of them have more than one clothing item.  I think I came up with 14 or 18 bears to make.  Yikes!  After opening all the bags to see what everyone  chose and a lot of head shaking (I told the family to think cuddly bears, no thin satin-like apparel), I decided to randomly select one bag and focus on that.  This is what I'm starting with.

 Two bears for my niece.  The jacket on the left is a very pretty glitzy piece.

I hope there's enough fabric for the entire bear.  The waist is elastic which cuts down on usable material.  

The other garment is a fleece pajama top.

This will be easier to work with. 

You can see that I have a challenge ahead of me for the next few weeks months.  Add all the quilting projects, paper crafting, yard upkeep, and a boat load of life issues and responsibilities, I'll never be boredStay tuned for the trials and tribulations of Bearly Wild in the blogs to come.  I think the next phase of my life is going to be interesting and even more challenging than the previous phases.  I also think that Roger, aka No. 38, will be holding my hand the entire way.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Bless you. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun time ahead for you..I love it when the future holds projects, a lot of different projects then we can't get bored..and I think #38 is smiling to himself, and for sure will be there to help you along!!!! the twisted stitcher???? Pat :)

Julie said...

Sorry about that. :) I tried to get them to focus...

Check Olivia's bag, she picked the perfect bear fabric I think. Hard to find all the right stuff. Mom sooo loved her shiny clothes. :)

Love you for doing this! hugs...julie