Monday, December 19, 2011

And the Winner Is.....

Me.  Yup, I won one of the drawings in last week's blog hop.  There were about 240 blogs participating in the Quilter's Blog Hop Party hosted by Michele at the Quilting Gallery.  Participating bloggers had a give away opportunity.  By leaving a comment and/or becoming a follower you had a chance to have your name drawn for the blogs give away at the end of the week.  I hunkered down and visited all 240 blogs.  I have to tell you there are some wonderful quilting blogs out there.  And they all offered some great prizes.  Everything from fat quarters, patterns, notions, kits, completed projects, books, magazines, gift certificates, bags, totes, the list goes on.  I gained a great deal of knowledge and made some new friends hopping around the world.  Never mind that my fingers are blistered, it was worth it.

Now, I bet you're wondering what I won.  I won a Melly & Me sewing pattern compliments of Craft Cafe in the U.K.    I think this one is called Buzzby & Bee.  I'm not familiar with this designer but it looks like a darling little pattern which will be cute for one of those little girls in my life.

 When I finish it I'll post the results.  It might take a while as it's coming all the way from the U.K. 

The family Christmas party went off without a hitch yesterday.  The food was perfect, everyone showed up and on time and the little kids had a ball running around and playing.  We rented the local 4-H Building for the gathering so everybody had room  and we all could sit down and eat at the same time.  My house just can't handle 20 adults and 6 children under the age of 5.  Too many pins and needles.  The rest of the week should be pretty calm as far as I'm concerned.  We're invited out for supper after church on Christmas Eve and to my nieces on Christmas day.  My turn to sit back and relax.   I hope you all have a good Christmas with your friends and family.  I may be back before the week is over but in case I'm not

                       MERRY CHRISTMAS

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LesQuilts said...

Wishing you all the best over the Christmas Holidays!
Take care, Leslie