Friday, December 16, 2011

The Challenge

How do you like the change in the header?  I've been fooling around with design options and found this but I would like to either center it or stretch it out a little.  Don't know how to do that.  I'm afraid I'll mess up everything if I keep at it.  If anybody has an answer, please comment or email me.

Now, the challenge, if the previous paragraph wasn't enough.  Our quilt club has been having a challenge every year where we get a fat quarter and the challenge is that we have to make something out of it.  The rules are pretty simple:  We have to use at least half of the fat quarter but the project can be any size, we must use our favorite block pattern or technique in the project, and it has to be a quilted project.  This is our challenge fabric:
Stripes are always a challenge and this piece is no exception.  I decided on something other than a wall hanging or a purse/bag.  Maybe something more usable?  Another light bulb moment came while on one of my walks with Minnie.  She wears coats that I make so I decided she should have a new one using this fabulous stripe.  My block is the pinwheel, which is fairly simple.  I cut 3 7/8" blocks of the stripe and a contrasting fabric.  For this I used a bright yellow.  I do the draw-the-diagonal-line method and sew the 1/4" seam on both sides of the line.  This gives me 2 half-square triangle blocks or half of a pinwheel block.
I made 2 pinwheel blocks to place on the back of the coat.  I used a blue background for the top of the coat and used a red fabric for the lining. 
Then I made the belly portion of the coat.  I cut the pattern from the striped fabric and layered that with the batting and the lining fabric and sewed around the outside.  Turned it right side out and finished the edge.  Attached the strap with the Velcro that goes around the belly and attached the unit to the coat.
And here is Minnie modeling her new coat.
And a shot of the underside

What a goof-ball.  In keeping within the rules, because I am a rule follower, I made a kerchief to go around her neck. 
Minnie always wears these instead of a collar.  She has quite a wardrobe..better than mine.  Hope you enjoyed my little challenge project.  I can cross another item off my list.  One more project to prepare before our next quilt guild meeting.  We'll be having a retreat on the 7th of January so I have to get something ready to take for that.   Have a great day.


Cool Cats and Quilts said...

Now that is a dog jacket!! I like your header also.

Pat said...

This is just tooo cute!!!! and the fabric is wonderful in her coat. Mini of course is the star what a ham.

Janet said...

Oh, I love Minnie! What a cutie!! The jacket is pretty nice too. Thanks for the smile.