Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Funny Story

I got a package in the mail today from our neighbors who go to Arizona for the winter.  We keep tabs on their house when they're gone.  They come back the first of May to get out of the heat of the Southwest and we spend some good times together visiting and sharing a meal and/or a glass of wine or  two.  Our pooch, Minnie, came from Tammy & Greg.  When they started going to AZ for the winter, Minnie couldn't go because of rules and regs regarding pets in their condo community.  Minnie has been our fur child for four years and she's well loved by us as well as Tammy & Greg.  Anyway, back to the package.

It had a Christmas card and several items.  A  package of Trader Joe's  peppermint prezel slims, a little doggy ornament, a lovely pin and this package of beautifully decorated cookies.
They were so lovely I hated to bite into one; but, alas, by mid afternoon I couldn't resist.  I broke off a piece of the star and popped it into my mouth expecting this wonderful buttery sugar or ginger cookie flavor.  Instead, it tasted rather bland and the thing was very hard.  It was at that point that I looked at the side of the container.
Look closely at what's under "Amigo's Kitchen".  LOL.  Aside from being rather hard, they weren't that bad!!


Sandy said...

Good one, Diane-- I hope you don't start to BARK!! Did you then share with Minnie?

Janet said...

LOL! Oh, Diane that is so funny. I've so enjoyed your blog so far. I'll have to come back again.