Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After

Friday after Thanksgiving.  To some, Black Friday but for me, not so much.  I don't shop on this day.  In fact, most of my Christmas shopping is done as I make most of my gifts.  I just buy toys for #38's great grand kids.

Yesterday we had a wonderful meal at the church we attend.  This is the third year they've hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who has no where else to go, no family, cannot afford a feast for their family or just don't want to cook.  No. 38 and I fell into that last category.  It was a free-will-offering sort of deal and the monies collected go to the local food shelf.  We had a fabulous meal cooked by the church ladies and a dessert table that you could hear groaning as you passed by.  One of the church board members is a surgeon at the hospital and he was doing the carving of the turkeys and hams.  He did some carving on me and No. 38 so we felt assured that there were no bones or extras on the meat platters.  LOL  He also sat with us for a break from his "surgical" duties and had a serving of vegetables (pumpkin pie) and fruit (apple pie).  When he reached for the chocolate brownie I asked him what food category that represented  and he replied "beans".   If the FDA can categorize pizza a vegetable then I suggest that wine be a fruit.  LOL

The only drawback in going out to eat is that there are no leftovers for the weekend.  I was looking ahead in that regard and made a pumpkin pie on Wednesday to satisfy my leftover need.  This is what it looked like this morning.  We have since had lunch and there are 2 more pieces missing.  Pie does not last long in this house.

I have started doing some Christmas decorating today.  The weather is so mild that I got the wreath hung between the garage doors and a bit of garland wrapped around the shepherds hook by the front door.  I'm not doing anymore outside.  As for inside, I've decided what I don't use for decorations this year will be going to the thrift shop or recycled in some way.  I don't know if I can weed out my snowman collection but there is plenty of other stuff that can go.  Where does it all come from?  What do you do with your no longer wanted Christmas decorations?  I need some ideas.  Send me your comments.  I promise not to send any of my stuff to you unless, of course, you want me to.  You can leave a comment anonymously if you want.  Would love to hear from you.

Next week, book reviews.   

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