Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Having Withdrawals

I sent the Bernina into the shop for a tune-up and I think I could use a 12-step program.  I have the Featherweight and the older black Singer in the Bear Den but, it's not the same.  One of the problems is that I left all but one bobbin for the Featherweight in the sewing machine bag so all I have is one bobbin with black thread in it.  The other Singer is set up for bear making and doesn't sew like Bernie can.  Sigh! 

I have been making headway with the organization project.  Cleaned off one of the bookshelves and recycled a mound of paper and old catalogs.  Decided I didn't need a boat load of lace any longer so that's going to find a new home, preferably not mine.  And, I've been drawing feathers for the FMQ Challenge.  This month's tutorial is by Diane Gaudynski.  You can find that here.
These are the feathers I usually make.  I drew the stippling around them to see the effect it makes.  
The feather in the middle is based on Diane Gaudynski's technique.  She starts making the feathers from the bottom up.  I'm use to making mine from the top down.  The feather on the left is my top-down technique.  

 I will keep drawing.  Once I get to the sewing machine, I will try both techniques on the practice sandwiches.  I can't wait.  Hope Bernie comes home soon.

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Michelle said...

I'd unwind the black bobbin thread and rewind it with what you need now. Desperate times call for desparate measures!