Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Musings

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday in Minnesota...cold this morning but inching above freezing.  After returning from church and fixing a late breakfast, I've been lining up this week's projects.  Yes, Bernie will be back home tomorrow morning.  I called the shop again yesterday and they hadn't gotten to it, yet.  But, I started to whimper and the lady said she would "put it up" next and call me when it's finished.  She called me at 3:45 to tell me it was ready.  However, the shop closes at 4:00 on Sat. and it's a half hour drive (at legal limit).  Okay, I can suck up one more day.

So here are my upcoming projects.

#1.  Start practicing the FMQ Challenge for February. I've been drawing feathers on paper so I should be good to go.  We'll see.
#2.  Start sewing on the Sunbonnet Sue blocks I finished embroidering.
All those little pieces you see on the right are 1 1/2" and there are a gazillion of them.  You can understand why I would like to get started.
#3.  Get sewing on a christening gown I promised for #38's niece.  I made a couple of gowns for my neighbor a couple of years ago from her wedding dress so when Bonnie saw those, she brought me her wedding dress to see what I could do with that.  It's been hanging in the Bear Den for over a year.  
Lots of lace but not much fabric.  I got it all taken apart and laying all over my work table.
I hope she has a baby granddaughter.  There is a underskirt that should have enough fabric for a baby boy christening romper.  I like these kind of challenges.

Speaking of challenges, a friend of mine stopped by yesterday with a box of quilt blocks that her 83-year-old mother made a few years ago.  We talked about these blocks about a year ago when I was finishing and tying some quilts her mother had made and I said I could put them together for her.  Here's what I have:
There are 14 of the upper left, 22 of the upper right and 4 of the lower block.  These 11 1/4" blocks are neatly made by an 83-year-old lady confined to a wheelchair.  I don't think she uses a rotary cutter or any of the wonderful tools we can't live without.  If you look closely, you can see that her points are perfect.  She probably uses a cereal box to make templates.  My challenge is to come up with a pleasing design in a king-size.  I've been busy today with the Quilt Design Wizard software that I haven't used very much.  It really works nice for this project.

You just never know what's going to come through my front door.  Sounds like I watch too many episodes of Pawn Stars.

Taking No. 38 out for his valentine supper tonight.  That will put him on the spot for Tuesday, don't you think?  


Melissa said...

Good luck with the feathers! They are def challenging :) Looks like you are on your way with your design though :)

Caryl W said...

The February feathers are a lot harder than the Jan heart leaf...good luck. It will be easy to get into a nice rhythm after some practice. Good luck with your week.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Wow you are very talented to be able to change up a wedding dress like that. Looking forward to seeing more prgress. hugs, Sharon