Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, My Aching Back

I've been away from the blog for a few fact, I haven't been in the sewing room since Sunday because I did something to my back..again.  This has happened before and it's very debilitating.  It's painful to sit or stand and I look like Quasimodo  when I try to walk.  Yesterday I stayed in bed on the heating pad thinking what would my life be if I couldn't play in the sewing room again or go for walks, garden, play with my dog.  I did a lot of soul searching.  This morning I can sit in a chair without wincing at least.  I will be very careful today so that tomorrow should feel better.

Perusing through the blogs I wish to mention  a give-away over at Colleen's Quilting Journey.  She's giving away Jennifer Chiavernini's new book Sonoma Rose, and who doesn't like Jennifer's books?  

Have a good day everyone.  "I'll be back" (imagine an Arnold Schwarzenegger inflection here).


Anonymous said...

So awful about your back.I have back problems frequently and it sure does get you thinking about what if! I am reading the Wedding Quilt now and it is my first of her books...have you read it?

Barbara said...

So sorry about your back. Mine flares up sometimes too, and it is very debilitating. Muscle relaxants help me.