Monday, September 17, 2012

A Miracle Solution

I've been angsting over how to move some of the big pieces of furniture in the area that I'm painting and cleaning.  Namely, Rog's man-cave.  His daughter and grandson are going to be taking a dresser and a hutch but now that it's harvest season, they can't get it for a few weeks.  Last night my friend Beth mentioned that her mom moves her furniture around with these plastic slidey things that she puts under the furniture feet.  So this morning I motored into the big town and visited Menards and this is what I found.

 You all probably know about these and use them but, as I mentioned before, I live in a hole.  These things are wonderful.  I was able to move this monster all by my own self.
 I had to use the 2-wheel dolly to pry the corners up so I could get those little hummers underneath but once that was done this beast slid happily where I wanted it.  This wardrobe will be used to store batting.  

I was also able to move this chest out of the bedroom.
 Rog built this many years ago and moved it in but I don't remember how he did it or who helped him.  I know it's heavy and at the time we were both younger and stronger.  So it's possible I helped but my back has no memory of that.  He also moved this in.
 This was his mothers and it is destined to go to his daughter.  I had to move it to get to the other wall so I could paint.   In summary, it was a good day.  I moved the furniture so I could clean the carpet in the bedroom and get at the wall I need to paint in the big room.  I'm doing my happy dance and my back has been saved.

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One Minnesota Quilter said...

Yep, their great. We use them a lot. You DO need to get out of LC a bit more. tee-hee