Sunday, September 16, 2012

Retreat Day

Saturday was a day of sewing for members of the Kindred Kwilters.  The weather was glorious and there was a lot of activities going on over the weekend.  AppleFest and Dozinky Days to name just two but 18 Kindred Kwilters felt compelled to spend the day just sewing together.

We all worked on our respective projects throughout the day and some of us didn't get much done at all.  Me, for one.  I was too busy flitting about taking pictures (but not enough, I found out later) and visiting.

Here are some pictures of those that actually made strides on their projects.

Pat is busy cutting something.

Bev is hot fixing crystals on her Christmas tree wall hanging.

Margaret is working on a fall table topper.  She also showed the cute fall picture she did with the little boy legs sticking out of a pile of leaves.

 Jan is sewing strips together for a quilt.

Dottie, our president, brought her Featherweight but I don't know what she was working on.  I didn't get that far.

Alyce was putting together a fall table runner.

Barb finished a block which I would call a figure eight ribbon but I'm sure there's a better name for it.

We also had a trunk show put on by Michelle at Quilter's Dream Quilt Shop.  I think she brought a sampling of everything she had in the shop.  Here she's demonstrating the ipad covers that can be made from a template. 

 A quick and easy project.  The template will make three sizes to fit the ipad, Kindle or Nook or a regular notebook.  She also sells those beautiful hand made baskets from Ghana that you see lined up behind her.  

I can't show what I worked on because I didn't get very far.  And I'm not so sure it's worth showing.  I think I have to improve upon the design a bit  before I show any of it.  We had a great day of sewing and visiting and I'm ready to do it again.

Cooler weather promised for this week.  I think it's time to start doing some yard clean up.  It's been so dry and most of the flowers are done.  I've started discarding some of the flower pots already.  Have a good week everyone.


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One Minnesota Quilter said...


Sounds like a fun day. It was fun to see some familar faces....thanks for posting the pictures!