Monday, September 3, 2012

Busy As a Bee

It's Labor Day and I traditionally labor on this day.  It's just the way things work out.  Today I decided to put the first coat of paint on the bedroom walls.

I decided on a butter yellow.  I call it butter yellow but I guess the name of it is Fairy Lily.  Who thinks up these names?  I need another coat and if I have enough paint, I'll do the inside of the closet.  

As I was working, I decided to play some of Roger's records.  He loved to collect record albums and there are many

And, this is what he played them on.

 I was going to try to get rid of this as no one in the family wanted it but as I was painting and listening to records, I decided it's worth keeping just for fun.  Besides, where would it go?  Roger's grandson is taking the records but I bet he'll share a few.  I was playing Patsy Cline, Hank Williams and Don Williams today.  Good painting music.  Rog loved the old country singers, polka bands and 50s rocks and roll.  

Minnie was busy snooping in my purse.  I left it on the floor which was a mistake.  She'll snoop in anyone's purse looking for treats.

She almost got the breath mints, not that she couldn't use one, but I don't think they would be too good for her.  I need to find a safer place for my purse.  I moved the quilt rack that I always hung it on.

Did I mention bees?  Oh yes, they are ravenous this time of year.  Draining the juice from the feeders and loving the sedum.

 These are honey bees owned by my neighbor.  They pretty much stay in his yard but they like to visit the sedum in my garden.  

 One hive of bees are darker than the other.  You can see the difference above.  But they all produce this wonderful honey.
These bees don't pester my feeders.  It's the wasps and hornets that give the birds fits.  As I write this, the Orioles are on the feeder now and the batts just died in the camera.  Okay, time for supper anyway. 

Hope your Labor Day was good


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Minnie has such a guilty look on her face! :)

Ivory Spring said...

I love that shade of yellow! If it were up to me, I would paint my entire house YELLOW. ;)