Sunday, September 30, 2012

FO for September

In spite of all the cleaning and painting I did in September, I did manage to get back in the sewing room for a few hours.  I started and finished the doll quilt for my partner, Judee, at Doll Quilter's Monthly

The leaf blocks are 1.5" with the overall size somewhere around 13 x 16.  

I also did a mini quilt for our quilt guild but I can't show that as we haven't had our big reveal yet.  I'll just tell you that my partner requested a winter theme.

I started making blocks in a new Block of the Week which started in September.  
I've made four blocks so far.  The first three went very well.  

I got up early this morning and did this week's block.  It's called New Jersey.

That one went well, too.  But, I couldn't for the life of me get last week's block together.  It's called Kansas Sunflower


I gave up on this and came up with my own.

I have to applique the stem and leaves on this.  All these blocks are 6 1/2 inch and very challenging.

Tomorrow morning I have to take Minnie to the vet for a little surgery to remove a pesky cyst.  It never heals and she keeps worrying about it.
She'll also have her teeth cleaned and any other humiliating procedures that need to be done while she sleeps.

Do you think she knows her food will be cut off at 6:00 tonight?

She's going to be one upset little pooch when she doesn't get her usual treats tonight.   We'll have a long talk about it later.  Minnie and I have some good conversations.  Well, I mostly do the talking and she does the listening.  

That's it for quilty projects.  I've been doing bear making and will show some of those in the days to come.  



Barbara said...

Oh my goodness, Diane. Your work is beautiful!

Lyndsey said...

I love your doll quilt. I need to get on and catch up with the Grandmother's Choice blocks but I took one look at Kansas sunflower and decided I needed to spend quite a bit of time thinking about it first. I may end up doing what you have done as there is no point in stressing over it.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Well, I have already talked about your quilt blocks.....

Poor Minnie. Hezzie is having the same problem with a growth on his jaw that they can't seem to get a handle on. It's not cancer, they aren't sure if it is an inflamed salivary gland.... It's hard when our furry friends can't talk to us and they feel miserable.

How Minnie feels like her old self soon. :)


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like your version of the Kansas Sunflower. That other one looks pretty hard to do. Hope Minnie did well at the vet.