Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FO Challenge for July

This month has flown by and when I think of all the days I was confined in the house because of the heat, I really don't have too many new starts to brag about.  One top that I finished piecing was the kaleidoscope pattern by Marilyn Foreman.

This is as far as its gotten.  I do have the backing for it, however.

Last month I didn't get anything accomplished on Sunbonnet Sue but I got caught up in July.  I even finished the August block.
 Can I get a big Whoop-Whoop here?

I also finished the embroidered sewing room blocks that I started last month and did one block in a crazy quilt style just to see how it looks.  I figured if I didn't like it I could stitch a new block.

 But, I think I'm going to like this design.  I better watch how close I trim on the other blocks.

What else?  Oh, this is what's emerging from the garden.

 Aren't they beauties?  I've been picking every day and eating as much as my body can take.  I think it will be time to can some of these beautiful mamas up in the next few days.  

Those are the highlights for July.  


Rosemary said...

All your projects are so nicely done! I love the colors on your kaleidoscope quilt. My mom is complaining that her tomatoes are still green but yours look very red!!

Pattilou said...

I'm so jealous of your tomatoes. Ours don't look like that this year! Thank goodness for the Romas--we've been at least getting those!

Barbara said...

Great work, Diane. I love those embroidered blocks. And I am so envious of your tomatoes. Mine are just now beginning to change color, but I don't expect them to ripen for another couple of weeks. Can't wait.