Sunday, July 22, 2012

Why I Am Not a Brain Surgeon

It was one of those weekends.  Plans were to get a project done for a client and it was going well until I rinsed the piece to remove the marking pen.  

 I have no clue where this color is coming from.  The quilting thread is white, the backing is white, the batting is white, yet there's a orange colored stripe running down the side of several half square triangles in the piece.

You can see some of the color on the lower white triangle and the upper right.  If this block looks familiar it's because it's leftover from The Blue Beast.  My friend thought that I could come up with something to hang on the wall.  I worked most of the weekend on this and was happy with the quilting.

 However, it's now ruined.  I washed it with a couple of Shout Color change.  Now you can understand why I'm not a brain surgeon.  When things go wrong with brain surgery you can't walk away from the patient and say "Oops, I goofed" and sleep at night.  I hope my friend will forgive me on this one.  I still don't understand what made the orange streaks.  Anyone have any ideas?


Barbara said...

No clue about the orange, but try OxyMagic. That stuff will remove freckles from skin!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew sorry. Hope it comes out.