Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Morning Bark

Garage sales...gotta love 'em.  Going to them, not having them.  I've been to a lot of garage sales over the years but not so many of late.  I have more stuff than I need and it became apparent when I started looking for a pair of lights I knew I had but couldn't find.  While on the hunt, I realized it was time to de-clutter.  I've been working on this since I retired a year ago but couldn't part with some items.  Now, I'm ready to give these precious treasures up.
See those Monopoly games?  There are 5 of them.  We haven't played this in ten years.  
 This came out of the sewing room closet.  No wonder I couldn't find anything.  Yup, some of my Bearlywild Bears are going to have to find new homes.  When I made that big guy you see, it was like wrestling with a small child while stuffing it.
 This is store room clutter.  The wooden ironing board came out of the laundry room.  I used it as a shelf mounted above the washer and dryer.  I redid the laundry room in April and the ironing board never went back.  
 There are dishes.  Fire King dishes to be exact.  These were popular in the 50s and 60s and came in a variety of colors and patterns.  I started collecting these about 15 years ago and now have a cupboard full top and bottom.  I should probably check the antique shops to see if they would be willing to buy everything but I thought I'd try the garage sale first.
 Blue Willow Ware was another weakness and I have about 112 pieces.  Mostly plates & saucers and other pieces.  My grandmother used her Blue Willow everyday.  I can remember our visits in the summer and we ate off dishes like this.  I don't know where her dishes went but I guess I started collecting these with those memories in mind.  I need to pass them on to another home.

Now that I have it all in piles, I can start pricing.  I have a week to get it done.  The sale begins Friday the 13th.  Any of you visitors living nearby, come to the sale.  

I hope it's not as hot next week as it has been this week.  I had to do some watering and bean picking but the mosquitoes are the size of B-52s which prompted me to put on my haz-mat outfit.
 I know you're all falling down laughing about now.  Remember, the temp at this point is about 98 degrees with a heat index of over 100.  I'm not laughing, believe me, but I'm close to falling down.  Tonight promises to be the break in the heat with thunder storms predicted.  Hope we get the rain but not the wind or hail.  My garden is fabulous.  I'm picking zucchini, lettuce and beans and the tomatoes are getting a little tinge of yellow which means ripening will soon begin.
 This picture was taken 10 days ago and the tomato plants are a foot taller, if not more.  See those tepee stakes on the left side?  The plants are well over those and loaded with tomatoes.  

Best get back to my pricing job.  Have a great weekend, everyone.


Liz Thackeray said...

Hi there, I like all of your bears :) Garage sales can be exhausting. I, too, love going to them. I like this site: because it maps out a route for you. But I've also noticed they let you advertise your own garage sale for free. Hopefully it will drive some more traffic your way!

Sue W said...

Isn't interesting what we collect on purpose, then really never use, and must eventually part with?

Wisconsin also had that 100 degree temperature and it was exhausting. Plus we have not had any rain in a month or more. With a no snow winter and a quite dry spring, we are basically toast. We try to water the garden, but I wonder how much more I can do. Zucchini, cucumbers, beets, and such are doing okay. The deer lovelingly decapitated my bean plants and let the little beans to fry in the heat. Only got two small meals.

Good luck with your rummage sale. Wish I was closer.