Sunday, July 1, 2012

FO Challenge for June

The month of June has flown by and it doesn't seem I've accomplished much in the sewing room.  I did, however, manage to start two new projects.  It's getting ridiculous.  What can I say?  I purchased a couple of patterns that called to me. 
 An embroidery project for my night-time hand sewing.  This is a Sweet Seams pattern I purchased through AQS but I see that these patterns are also available through McCalls PatternsI decided to do this in blue.
 I can easily do one block in an hour or so if I have no interruptions.  

My other start was the kaleidoscope quilt design by Marilyn Foreman.  I blogged about it here.  Here is the result but it's not backed or quilted yet.
 I ordered some batik for the backing.  Hope the color works out.  It's so hard to tell when ordering online.

I made no progress on Sunbonnet Sue blocks.  
 Maybe I can catch up in July.  I tried to get the June block yesterday as I was invited to a SWOM (Sewing WithOut Men) day.  I took Ken More with me to do the job but he was a naughty boy.  He fought me with all those tiny pieces.  I worked on the Sister's Choice blocks instead. 

This went better except I sewed the right side onto the wrong side once and another strip unside down.  Not a productive SWOM day.

That's it.  It's breathlessly hot out today so I'm going into the sewing room and make up for yesterday.  No. 38 is napping in the recliner and Minnie has all four legs up in the air.   No actual images here, use your imagination.  Stay cool.


Sue Daurio said...

Love the kaleidoscope quilt, the colors are just wonderful!

Barbara said...

I LOVE that sweet seams pattern. It looks great in blue. I might have to look that one up . . . as if I don't already have enough embroidery projects on my to-do list. Love your other projects too.

Sue W said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the Fabry book. I hope you enjoy it. You seem very busy. I like that hand embroidery has made a resurgance, although I haven't tried my hand at it. I stick to my embroidery machine - guess I am a cheater. I love to do the simple machine embroidery patterns that look like handwork. I actually learned to embroidery from my grandmother when I was 5 or 6, but I haven't done it in decades. And I mean decades.