Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guess What?

No, it's not a teapot hanging on the wall.  I've never seen one of these before but we have one, now.  It's a weather barometer.  We inherited it from No. 38's sister.  Her girls are simplifying her life by cleaning house and decided this had to go.  It ended up in my car.  Sigh!  Everyone should have one of these.  

It's actually quite interesting.  First a little history:  Dating back to the 1600's, the Weather Barometer is sometimes called the oldest barometer known to man (or woman).  Historians believe the Pilgrims brought these thunder glasses to the colonies.  This instrument was one of the few tools of its era based on scientific principle and became a standard on seafaring vessels.  The Weather Barometer has been referred to as many other names including:  Thunder Glass, Spout Barometer, Goethe Barometer, Storm Glass, Poor Man's Barometer, Thunder Bottle, Water Barometer, and Weather Glass.

So, how does this highly sophisticated scientific instrument work?  According to the box, it provides advanced warning of weather changes based on atmospheric pressure.  High pressure causes water in the spout to fall, indicating fair weather to come.  Low pressure causes water to rise in the spout, indicating precipitation  will likely occur.  A rapidly approaching storm, which is generally associated with low pressure, can cause water to drip from the spout opening onto the drip catcher.

Based on this, the water is dripping from the spout as I write but there is no rapidly approaching storm unless you count No. 38 raging about politicians, the noisy motorcycle revving next door and the barking dogs across the street.  However, it is clouding up, outside, that is.  I think I'll keep my weather radio on.

I'm sitting outside in the backyard with Minnie as I write this.  I love my backyard.  I call this Minnie's yard.  Can you see the little 2 foot high fence on the right side?  That's all I need to keep Minnie safe from marauding squirrels.  She loves being out here, too.

 Talk about relaxation.  She needs it as she hurt herself somehow getting out of the car and could barely walk yesterday.  I was pretty worried but, this morning she was her old treat-demanding self.  Yesterday she refused treats.  We both have vulnerable backs, it seems.

This came in the mail yesterday from Karen in  Williamson, New York.  She was my swap partner from the New Beginnings Mini Quilt Swap hosted by Michelle at Quilting Gallery.

 Quite colorful.  Those pinwheels really pop.  Thanks, Karen.  I'm going to have to start a Mini-Quilt Wall.  

That's enough for now.  My computer is getting tired and it's time for a cuppa.  Thanks for visiting today and reading my ramblings.  The water in the Thunder Glass is now midway up the spout meaning fair weather.  Yup, No. 38 went for coffee.  Hee-hee.  You know, this thing might be a treasure after all.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Hezzie used to pee on the floor when DH and DS would talk politics!
Interesting little piece of history - thanks for sharing -

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

We have one of those glass weather barometers. Hubby's dad loves interesting gadgets. He's a physicist.