Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surprise Mail

I got the nicest surprise in the mail on Friday.  My friend Sandi at
A Legacy of Stitches sent me her pattern for a cookie coaster and some fabric.
 She had a give away on her blog about a week ago and, of course, I entered but, of course, I didn't win.  So, when this arrived in the mail I was genuinely surprised.  She lives about 20 miles from me and we became friends through our quilt guild.  Sandi is very generous with her time and talents.  And, she has many talents.  She introduced me to wool felt and got me hooked on crazy quilting.  I've been thinking of making some more mug rugs..which is another name for a Cookie Coaster and now I can get busy with this cute tea pot fabric.  Thanks, Sandi.  You made my day.,

Yesterday was such a miserable cold day and I barely moved beyond the couch and/or bed.  Minnie and I curled up and watched a movie, read a book and ate junk.  Today was a bit better weather-wise, although no heat wave.  It got close to 50 degrees, I think.  I did some yard chores and marveled at the spring flowers blooming a month early.
Flowering Crab
Fern Peony
 The Hibiscus is growing in a pot and I drag it in and out of the house almost daily.  Actually, I have four of them in large pots.  Three belong to my sister and I said I would winter them over for her.  Once the weather settles down, which I hope is soon, I'll take her three back to her.  They have been blooming continuously for the past two months. 

Predictions are for a warmer week ahead.  Maybe some rain, too.  I'll be busy outside, if that's the case, and I hope to get some sewing room time.  The Blue Beast is coming along but it still has a long way to go.  I keep plugging away at it.

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One Minnesota Quilter said...

The photos of the flowers are great - especially the hibiscus.