Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'd Rather be Sewing..but

I'm working on that Should ListYesterday I finally got to the doctor about my back.  I made the appointment, then cancelled because it felt better.  Last Friday my back acted up again.  Wouldn't you know!  Yesterday morning I called for another appointment and, as luck would have it, I could get in right away.  After much discussion, xrays and blood work, the doctor sent me to the chiropractor.  I'm totally out of alignment.  He did his magic, gave me instructions and advice and set up a couple more visits.  By golly, it helped.  Not cured, but I feel improved today. 

Improved enough to start painting the laundry room.  The flooring is ordered and the installers will be here next Wednesday.  I hate to paint and I don't trust No. 38 with a paint brush.  Most of it ends up running down his arm and everywhere except the walls.  And I end up doing all the trim work and the cleaning up so I might as well do it all.    Here's the before picture of the laundry room:
Pretty bland.  I ordered a new washer and once the floor installers arrive, they will take these two units out.  I got blue-grayish paint but it looks more blue than gray.
But, it's a laundry room.   I'll call it "Laundry Day Blues".  Maybe I could make a mini quilt to jazz it up.  How about Sunbonnet Sue in blue embroidery work hanging clothes on the line?   Hmmm.  I got two coats of paint on and now have to wait until the appliances are out before I can finish.  One good thing about this project is that I didn't have to worry about paint drips on the floor.  And, my back is still holding up.

We had a hard frost again last night in Minnesota.  The juice in the hummingbird feeder was froze.

 The bird bath was solid ice
 Some of the perennials didn't look too good, either.  Oh well, Mother Nature knows what's she doing.  Just showing us who's boss.

Maybe after another round with the paint brush I can get into the sewing room.  I'm dying to get started on the FMQ for April with instructor Don Linn.  I got his book Sophisticated Stitches from the library yesterday which is chock full of designs.  I might have to buy this book.
On sale at Amazon for $13.30
Tomorrow morning I'm off to Minneapolis with No. 38 for his checkup and I have another appointment with the chiropractor in the afternoon.   

Time for a cuppa.


Kim said...

I'm with you...just do it right myself. Do you think men do this on purpose?

Happy sewing

Sandy said...

Diane, Sorry to hear your back was giving you pain again. Glad you got some relief! Hope all goes well with No.38's appt. Picture ( I assume of the book) didn't show up.

Rosemary said...

Thank you for the nice words about this month's free motion quilting challenge. Do you like Don Linn's book? I've been hoping to see it but no one carries it around here. I usually like to see it before ordering from amazon. I'm looking forward to seeing your challenge! I really love doing this. Some months are easier than others. I thought the feathers were very hard! I'm still practicing!