Monday, January 30, 2012


A strange title for a post, wouldn't you say?  But, that's what it turned out to be.  Last Friday I got an email newsletter from a nearby quilt shop stating that Saturday was the last day to bring fabric donations to the store.  It seems there are two groups making quilts for the veteran's home and homeless shelters and they are in need of fabric.  Quilters Dream Quilt Shop were offering a win-win deal.  Bring your unwanted fabric in and the shop will give you the percentage off of what your fabric weighs.  Since I've been in a cleaning frenzy in the sewing room, I gathered up all that yardage that's been on my shelves for a few years (I don't even know where it came from), bagged it up  and motored on down the road.  

 This lovely pile of goodies added up to 17 pounds.

I won't even miss it.

But, I didn't have the chance to go through everything so I missed another bag full.  Nonetheless, I got a 17% discount that day.

I needed more red in my stash so I came home with this.
 This will go nicely with the Sunbonnet Sue redwork blocks I'm embroidering.
 I worked steadily over the weekend organizing and I got this far.

 It really doesn't look like I have all that much but this is by no means all of it.  Just the basics. I'm glad my local hardware store had a sale on those shoebox containers..2 for $3.00.  I bought nearly all they had.

I still have the Christmas fabric to tackle which is jammed in this cupboard.

 And, then there's the closet.  I'm not showing a picture of that.  I'm embarrassed.  I need to take a break from the mess and do some sewing.  It's so beautiful outside today (in the 40s) that maybe a walk up to the library should be my first  priority. 

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