Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joni's Day

That last couple of days have been bittersweet.  A time of tears and laughter and family gathering.  I had no idea how many lives Joni touched.  People streamed into the funeral home for visitation for several hours.  My cousins traveled many hours  to attend either the visitation or the funeral yesterday or both.  And, the picture boards had photos of my family members that I've never seen.  Joni's daughters did an incredible job gathering memories.  I told them they could become professional funeral planners.   Joni kept a photo album of all 103 foster babies.  They weren't just snapshots, she took the babies to a professional photographer and had 8 x 10's done up.  I'm sure a copy went to the adoptive parents when the baby left Joni's care.

I just have to share one more thing.  After the funeral yesterday, everyone was invited to Applewood Restaurant for the lunch.  Joni was hostess/server there for 30 years.  This was not the traditional ham sandwich/hot dish funeral luncheon.  The owner put out the full-blown Sunday buffet including salad bar.

There was roast beef or was this prime rib?  It was delicious

There was chicken and fish

and, ham.
It was a grand gathering of all my nieces and nephews and their kids and many friends.  Joni brought us all together again.  She'll be missed.

Tomorrow I shall be back in the swing of things.  Stuff has piled up; however, I did make my 2012 list of projects which I may need to prioritize somewhat.  And I did some scrap herding the past couple of days because it's rather mindless..ironing and cutting and sorting.  My quilt guild is having a retreat day on Saturday so I'll be sharing some of that in the days to come.   Time, now, for a cuppa.

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