Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Herding the Scraps

I had a blissful day creating a scrap quilt.  I'll back up.  I've been tackling a mess of scraps that have been hanging off of my door in one of those shoe thingies. 

I thought this was a good idea at the time but I found I don't use anything that's in those pockets because it's a balled up mess.  

I decided it was time to herd these scrap critters.

First, I ironed every piece and cut each piece into a strip depending on how large the piece was.  I cut 1/2 inch increments starting with  
1 1/2 inch and going up to 4 inches.

 I sorted the pieces in these containers as I cut.

I took each container and sorted the pieces by value..dark, medium and light. 

Then I put each color value into zip-lock bags and  nestled them into their respective container.  

Tell me this is going to work.  

I tried it out today by starting a scrap quilt.  I took the 2 inch container and cut  an assortment of 2 inch dark and medium squares.  Then I took the 3 1/2 inch container and cut 3 1/2 inch lights.   I have an idea in mind having to do with four patches and maybe a star design.  Hmm, yes, this is going to work.  I know one thing, I eliminated one eyesore in the sewing room and I have a creative vision of what to do with the scraps.  This is just a start.

 This little beauty is now in my closet with SHOES in it. 

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Sandy said...

Diane, what an accomplishment!! I envy you. I have been sorting, stacking, and discarding material all week-- still working on it. Wish I could just wiggle my nose and it would be done. I am ready to do some sewing and finish a few small things. Looking forward to seeing the quilt made from scraps from your shoe bags scrap holder. Wow, it sure held a lot!!