Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Blueberry Muffin Caper

The day started as usual.  No. 38 left for his OFS (Old Fart Society) meeting at the coffee shop and I headed for the treadmill for my 35 minute Walk To Nowhere.  Our plan for the day was to go grocery shopping in the city.  My friend Sandy called that morning and wondered if we could get together for coffee later, so that was on my agenda for the day.   We ventured off to the big city and did our hunting and gathering.  I wanted to stop at Hobby Lobby as I had a gift card I was dying to use.  I was thinking in terms of paper craft supplies for making cards but when I got there, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to choose from and with No. 38 waiting for me in the car. Who can casually browse Hobby Lobby under those circumstances?  I decided I best come back another day on my own.

After we got home and put groceries away, I packed up some herbal tea bags and a couple of blueberry muffins I had baked the day before and escaped to have a visit with my friend.  Upon arriving home later in the afternoon, No. 38 proceeded to tell me about the blueberry muffin thief.  It seems he decided to have a snack when he saw that there were 4 blueberry muffins left on the counter.  He fixed himself a cuppa  and put it in the microwave then sat down in his lounger with his muffin.  The microwave beeped so he left his muffin on the table next to his chair and went to get his cup.
Across the room, Miss Minnie was keeping an eye on No. 38.  You see, he feeds her a bite of nearly everything he eats.  I remind him daily  how this practice is not healthy for her.  Maybe I should say I nag him daily; well, okay, I harp on the subject.  Nonetheless, she knows wherever he goes there's sure to be a crumb or two for her.  When he got up to retrieve his cup, which is no more than a dozen steps away, she spotted that unguarded muffin. 

You guessed it...
Only one tiny little crumb was left behind.  You can barely see it on the right hand edge of the table.   He said he didn't scold her because I think she felt guilty enough. 

Does this look like a dog with a conscience?
It's like she's saying, "It's not my fault.  Grumpa abandoned that muffin and I only rescued it."

Last night there were only two muffins left.  Another one mysteriously disappeared at some point in time and it wasn't me or Minnie who ran off with it.  I'm sure I'll be seeing those little blueberries  again some time today.  LOL


Anonymous said...

The caption for Mini should be;
"Now really,,,does this look like the face of a Muffin Bandit?"

One Minnesota Quilter said...

Awww, who could be angry at that face?
How did old No. 38 get his name? Just curious.