Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday 2012

It was a birthday weekend at my house.  Yup, I made it another year and I'm still feeling like a young chick.  My back issues have been resolved, at least for the time being, and life is good.  Yesterday was my actual birthday and it started out rather gloomy and drizzly.  We decided to head to Town to do the grocery shopping since there was nothing but crumbs in the breadbox.  I generally don't care to do the grocery shopping on Sunday because it can be too busy and chaotic but we went early enough and got the job done.  By afternoon the rain clouds cleared out and it started to shine up.  I went out to the yard and took pictures.  I've never had my garden blooming on my birthday so I had to record this momentous event.
 Not even June 1st and everything is in bloom.

Later, No. 38 and I went out with our friends Greg & Tammy for supper to a fabulous restaurant called The Ranchero Supper Club in Webster, MN.  Wonderful food and not so fancy that you have to wear the best thing you have in your "Sunday Go To Meet'n" clothes.  I ordered the Fillet Mignon and broiled shrimp.
 It was to die for.  The shrimp (the white stuff at the top of the plate) were large and split open in their shells and trust me, they tasted like lobster.  Best I've ever had.  The steak was done to perfection.  Yum.  My cholesterol shot up to 1,000.  
This is a picture of Greg and Tammy and me on the right.
 No. 38 took the photo and he's a bit camera shy and very-very web shy so there will be no picture of him.  Sorry, you'll just have to imagine what a hunk he really is. 

To top off the perfect birthday, there was a solar eclipse.
 (credit; Kevin Schwartz)

What a day!


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Good food, good friends, beautiful flowers and a shy, hunk of a man - what more could a birthday girl ask for?! Happy Birthday! :)


Barbara said...

Happy Birthday! A birthday to eclipse the sun. Wow! You are powerful.

Vickie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

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