Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meet Mr. More

I have a new roommate for Bernie.  His name is Mr. More..Mr. KenMore.  

 He's a basic kinda dude, not too many bells and whistles, and has very few miles.  My neighbors are moving and liquidating their household.  So Ken came to my house.  When Bernie went into the shop in January for what I thought would be a quickie tune up,  she wasn't back home for ten days and I was wishing I had a backup machine that could do basic, reliable piecing.  I have a 1950s black Singer which sews the heavy fur pelts and fabric for my bears.  I also have a little Singer Featherweight for emergencies.  

I played around with him today (that sounds obscene, but you know what I mean) to get the tension set.  I happened to have some generic bobbins that will work and I found a walking foot in my stuff and a Big Foot.
 I got this way back when I started to do some serious quilting.  At the time I had a White but I didn't like the way it performed so I sold it and invested in the Bernina.  I kept the Big Foot and almost got rid of it a couple of times but decided to hang on to it just in case.  Lo and behold that "just in case" day arrived and it works on Ken.  I don't know if I'll do much FMQing with him but if I ever want or need to, it can be done.  

Another cute little feature on this guy is the handy little gadget and bobbin container on the front.
 You have to remove it to get to the bobbin case but it's no big deal.  It pops right off.  So, I'm pretty happy with Mr. More.  It's getting a little crowded in the sewing room again.  No. 38 looks in and just shakes his head.  Sort of like when I look at all his stuff in the garage and shake my head.  

We had rain and hail this morning.  I made it back from my morning walk just in time.  It was thundering the whole time I was walking but no lightening.  Halfway through, it started to drip a little and I didn't know if I was going to make it home before getting drenched.  I no more than got in the house and the heavens opened with small hail to boot.

The hail was small, which was a good thing, but it lasted quite a while.  Then, it cleared off and got very warm.  Finally, summer-like temps.  I'm itching to plant.


One Minnesota Quilter said...

Good luck with your "new" machine. It is always nice to have another one around.

I like the little red stool on your patio. I am itching to plant also.


Vickie said...

I have had several Kenmore machines and have found them to be very reliable. I can sew denim and other heavy fabrics with it when my brother machine is only really good for piecing. My big brother machine 4000D is best for embroidery even though it sews too. I think you'll be pleased with your new Mr.

Barbara said...

Your weather looks like ours.