Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gone Fishing

It was my intention to tackle some WIPs yesterday and today but this happened instead.
 No 38 has gotten the fishing bug of late which means drop everything and head to the lake.  We don't own any lake property but have cultivated friends that do and they don't mind if we use their dock.  I don't fish but would rather sit back and enjoy the serenity of the lake or read.  Also, I'm the mule to help carry the chair and the worm bucket down to the dock.  There are about 32  steps down to the dock which isn't so bad going down, it's going back up that can be a challenge for No. 38.  It's best that someone is along just in case there's a slip or a dropped wallet in the drink.  That happened a couple of years ago.  He didn't realize that his wallet slipped out of his back pocket and went into the lake until we got home.  We went back but didn't find it anywhere in the water and pretty much gave  up on it.  Just as a whim I waded through the waters several cabins down and saw dollar bills washing up to shore.  Sure-nuf, there was the wallet rolling in and out on the waves and the cards and money were washing out ahead of it.  He only lost $2.

Back to our morning..temps have been on the cool side but it's perfect for bobber watching.

And catching Sunfish.
 I tried for a side picture of this but it kept turning on me.  Trust me, these were nice pretty Sunfish.  Why don't I fish?  If I did, it would mean bringing two limits home to clean which is one limit too many.  It also means we can go home sooner so I can putter around the garden and sewing room. Maybe tomorrow?

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Barbara said...

It looks so relaxing.