Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It's been an incredible busy week so haven't kept up with blogs and very little time in the sewing room.  Our neighbors are nearing the last days on the block.  I spent several days helping them by hauling clothing to the thrift store, helping with the garage sale and hauling stuff home to my house.  I don't need more stuff but the price was right and what I got was an upgrade.  Closing will be on Tuesday and then they won't be on our block any more.  However, they are spending the summer at the lake only about 12 miles away so we will still hang out from time to time.  No. 38 will be fishing while I might be floating around herding the fish toward him.

The weather finally cooperated and I got the garden tilled and ready to go.
 A picture of a square of dirt is pretty interesting, don't you think?  As of this writing, I have half of it planted already.  There will be updates in the weeks to come.  Of course, I have other little friends watching closely.
 I'll have to keep an eye on Sunbunny Sue.  After I snapped this picture there was a dark flap of wings and I caught sight of this rare visitor.
 A Piliated Woodpecker has been visiting the black walnut tree in the backyard.  I took this picture from the house and the tree is quite a ways away.  These are incredible birds and I feel so lucky to have one in the neighborhood.

The only sewing I've been doing, when I find a few minutes, is quilting the Blue Beast.  It's becoming very tedious so I'm thinking about putting it aside for a week and starting a fun project.  I'm heading out to lunch with my friend Sandy on Wednesday, quilt guild is on Thursday night so we'll see how much I'll get accomplished.  

I'll leave with this image of the Mother's Day card I received from my daughter.  I hope everyone has a great day with your families.


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Sandy said...

Hey, girlfriend, you have been one busy lady. Your pictures of the birds have been gorgeous! Glad we can do lunch on Wednesday. Your Mothers Day card is beautiful-- bet it really warmed your heart. See U soon. Sandy