Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Bark

The sun is shining.  Yay!  And we are both in tact from yesterday's dance.


As stated yesterday, if we last for 2 polkas and a couple of waltzes, we'll be doing good.  We held out for 2 1/2 polkas, 2 waltzes and a Lindy.  Can you tell which couple is us?  I think the average age at the dance was kidding.  I kept asking myself, "Do I look like I'm 70?"  My hair is not white, my clothes match.  Apart from that, here I am.  And, we were the first ones to leave.  All the "oldsters" were still rocking on and having a good time.  That's what made it special.  People older than me still able to go out on a Sunday afternoon and dance with their partners (some didn't have partners but they were looking).  Later, No. 38 took me out for supper.  He said it was my birthday supper (not until the 20th), but he wanted to be the first.  I think he wanted a good meal after all that dancing and I wasn't up to making one.  He even ponied up for a glass of wine and the tip.  Be still my heart.

This week I'm heading to the greenhouse.  If it stays dry, the garden might get tilled.  I hemmed some jeans with Mr. More last night and my neighbor found the owner's manual.  I discovered that good 'ol Ken can drop his feed dogs.  It was a hidden lever in the bobbin area which I never would've found if not for the owner's manual.  

Hope the start of your week goes well.  Thanks for visiting today.   

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One Minnesota Quilter said...

You are the two in the middle really "gettin' down" with the music. Or does that happen in polka? :)