Sunday, May 6, 2012

Enough already

We needed rain but it can stop for awhile.  Almost 4 inches since Thursday.  I would love to get the garden tilled but, oh boy.  Did anyone get a glimpse of the mega-moon last night?  I tried but too much cloud cover as thunder storms were moving in.  

The orioles returned last week and are loading up on grape jelly.
 One has to be quick with the camera to get these shots.  I was just taking a shot of the bird on the left when the other guy flew in just as I clicked the shutter.  They just can't share.  It's been a challenge to keep the feeders full with all the rain.  Everything gets soaked or, in the case of the jelly, it becomes jelly water.  

The orioles aren't the only ones who like grape jelly.
 As if there's not enough bird seed for these guys to get, he still has to climb up to the second floor deck to raid the jelly dish.  Gotta love 'em.

No. 38 and I are headed off to a Sunday afternoon dance.  We haven't danced since last summer so I hope I remember how.  After a polka or two and a couple of waltzes, we're pretty much done.  But, you never know.  The old boy might have a couple more dances in him than I thought.  

Hope you're having a good weekend.  

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Barbara said...

Those are cute shots.