Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rainy Day

Little Boy Wearing a Slicker Holding an Umbrella clipart 

We are finally getting some needed rain.  Almost two inches so far which means I'm able to hole up in the sewing room for a bit and do some odd chores around the house.  I even weaseled out of making dinner by convincing No. 38 that it was too wet to cook and my back hurt so let's go out for a burger.  Now if I can only get out of making supper...

The critters don't mind the rain.
  I can never seem to get a side view with the camera.  He either has his back to me or he's on the other side of the feeder.

We just had a big bang of thunder which made me jump and set Minnie off.  It would probably be wise of me to get off the computer if there's lightning.

I am making headway on the Blue Beast.  I'm finally seeing the end in near.  When that happens, you'll see it here in all its glory and if there were sound effects, I would send off fireworks.  

Back to the sewing room.

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