Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yesterday was garage sale day in town.  Actually sales started Friday afternoon but my friend called me later that night to tell me about this sale that had tons of fabric, craft supplies, yarns, craft magazines and books.  My heart started to pound when I heard that so I was up at the crack of dawn and boogied down to that sale.  It wasn't quite light out yet but the garage was open.  I started piling stuff up, bypassing the stuff outside of the garage because it was too dark to go through that.  Anyway, it was fun and here is what I got.

A box of remnants for $5.00 and a couple of larger pieces of fabric for backings at $1 a piece.  The books and patterns were a quarter.  I need to make an apron to wear for the upcoming craft sale so found a couple of patterns that should work.  Then there was a pattern for doggy costumes.  Minnie is in need of a new outfit for Halloween.  As for that box of remnants, what was I thinking?  It was worth the $5 but my fabric cupboard is full of remnants.   Time to think scrappy big time.

I went back later in the afternoon and made an offer on these storage drawers.

There are only 3 pictured here but I actually got 7 of them for $5.  They were full of odds & ends which I sorted through and bagged up for the thrift store.  These three are holding all the sewing threads and the others I haven't designated a spot for yet.  They are in the bear den waiting for stuff.

That was all I purchased at the garage sales.  I went to many and mostly visited with folks I haven't seen since I retired in May.  It was a fun day.  I'm planning on meeting a friend this week to learn some blogging tricks so you may see some changes in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.

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