Friday, March 30, 2012

Dealing with the Shoulds

I've been ruminating about everything I should be doing the past couple of days.  And what it ended up doing is almost paralyzing me.  I didn't get my walk in this morning because it took me almost an hour to check email, blogs and get the printer to working again.  Besides, the sun wasn't shining so I just stayed in my jams until after 9:00.  However, I did go out for that walk after lunch and decided that if I made a list of all my shoulds I would probably get some of them accomplished.  So, I'm going to publicly share my list, print it out, and revisit it in a couple of days..okay, see what I've done and left undone.

Here goes.  I should:

Wash the windows

Clean the house.  Easter Sunday dinner will be held at my house this year so I should get busy.   You know what will happen?  I'll get the kitchen floor scrubbed, bathroom cleaned, living room and dining room dusted and vacuumed and to heck with the rest.  Good enough!

Get a haircut.

Go to the flooring store and start the process of replacing the laundry room floor.  Once that starts, I'll have to shop for a new washer as mine is slowly dying.  I hate shopping for anything that costs hundreds of dollars that I can't cut up and sew back together to make something beautiful with.  $$$

Start quilting the Blue Beast.  I did get it pin basted.  
 I just need to come up with a design.  

Clean out the closet.  I can't even show you a picture of that.  I'm too embarrassed.  Let's just say it use to be a walk-in closet.

Make the doctor appointment to see what is really going on with my back.   $$$

Transplant those Hostas I've been meaning to do for two years.

If I do everything on this list, when will I have time for the sewing room?  You see my dilemma?  Do you have a should list?


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Yes I do have a Should list in my mind but the "want to sew" list wins out every time!

One Minnesota Quilter said...

I SHOULD make a list.

Barbara said...

I try very hard not to should on myself, and I don't let others should on me either.