Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday Morning Bark

I've never posted from bed before but I am this morning.  Everyone is still asleep and I'm wide awake so decided I'd be constructive.  I will not make a habit of bringing the computer to bed with me, however. 

I haven't peeked outside but I think it's kind of rainy.  I could use one more day inside doing domestic chores and finishing up some FMQ projects.  I have yet to post the lesson for March by Ann Fahl.  I picked up her copy of Dancing With Thread from the library yesterday and got a few more tips.  The FMQ Challenge has been such a wonderful learning experience for me.  I feel more confidence in my free-motion quilting than ever before.  I should be ready to post this month's lesson this week.  

Time to wake up Minnie.  She's a late sleeper if she doesn't hear the bread wrapper rattling.  She loves toast and will bark when the toaster pops up.  That's how I get by calling her a service dog. 

Hope your day goes well.

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One Minnesota Quilter said...

Had to laugh at the bread wrapper. Hezzie does the same thing unless he is REALLY tired then he waits until he smells the peanut butter on the toast. He simply cannot resist peanut butter. :) They are so predictable.