Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Morning Bark

It looks to be a good day ahead.  The sun is blinding me as I write this.  Actually have to pull the shade.  I managed to finish the crossword AND the word search so I know it's going to be an exceptional day.

Replaced the batts in the camera and got the picture of the finished quilt I posted about yesterday.
 Check another one off the Finish list.  

Did you catch sight of the moon last night?
I couldn't stay awake long enough to see if I could see any northern lights.  

Today I'm going to get started on the christening bonnet and try to get that finished this weekend.  I have a couple of scrappy projects that I started yesterday.  One I had to try was the Disappearing Nine Patch (DP9) that Connie over at Quilting By the River 
had as a tute yesterday.  You all probably know about DP9 but, as you know or may not know, I live in a void (black hole) sometimes.  Another great way to use up scraps.

I'm off for a walk.  Have a great Friday.  I'm looking forward to some mild temps this weekend.  Minnie and I will be hitting the pavement.


Barbara said...

Cute quilt!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Yea! A finish. Nice quilt. I haven't made the Disappearing Nine Patch, but, I'll be making lots of Disappearing 4 Patches this weekend.