Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Musings

I planned on doing a Morning Bark but Minnie didn't even do one.  She got up and had her breakfast and, because it was a cloudy morning, she went back to bed.  She's still on doggy time while us humans have to contend with dumb daylight saving time.  What are we saving daylight for?  Makes no sense.

It wasn't raining but looked fairly mild so I grabbed the camera with the thought that there might be something interesting to snap a picture of.  As I said before, it was a dreary morning but fairly mild with no wind.
 Remember, this is Minnesota on March 12th.  When I got home I saw this in the garden.
 It's a gorgeous lily I planted on my kitty's grave last year.  I hope it doesn't freeze off.  And, there are green buds on the lilac bushes.
 I did some scrappy projects over the weekend.  I saw this idea on one of the blogs I visit but I didn't write it down as to who it was.  Sorry.  It's the paper piecing technique of using telephone book pages and making a string block with your scraps.  What better use  for the yellow pages.
 This worked slicker than snot.  The paper tears off easily and I like the idea of using these phone books.  I certainly don't use them for the reason they're published.  I used strips I was saving for fabric baskets someday.  You know what I mean about those "someday" projects.  These worked perfectly for these blocks.
 I made an 8" block and cut it in half twice to come up with four 4" blocks.  I did another 8" block in light fabrics for the half-square triangles.
 I think this will look kind of cute on my table for the Easter centerpiece.  I'm hosting Easter dinner this year for No. 38's family.  I'll have to do an Easter basket to put on this.  

This was another scrappy experiment.  
 I saw this in the recent Keepsake Quilting catalog.  It's a pattern by Kathleen Brown and I used 1 1/2 inch scraps.  I'm not sure where this is going but I'll add to it at some point.  Very easy.

I finished one more block on Sunbonnet Sue.
 I have all the embroidery done.  It's the piecing that takes the time.  There are 36-1 1/4" light pieces around the 6 1/2" Sue squareOne block at a time is enough.

All this while listening to Celtic Thunder.  They are coming to Minneapolis in October and I would give anything to be in the audience.   Love this group.

Until next time...


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Love the blocks, especially the string blocks. They are fun to do in front of the TV.

Connie said...

Great blocks and isn't the phone paper fun to use! I love making 8 inch blocks and cutting them into smaller ones!